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Are you tired of paying too much for newsgroup service only to find the server unreliable? Rhino News™ Usenet is the highest quality newsgroup service available at a price you can easily afford.

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For a little less than the cost of a pizza, you'll get all the newsgroup downloads you can handle and save yourself the trouble of having to spend endless hours dealing with missing or expired articles.

Don't let your ISP or another newsgroup provider waste your time and cause further frustration with missing articles, slow downloads, excessive spam, and unavailable newsgroup servers.

For most users that are shopping for Usenet service, the saying 'you get what you pay for' is something they take to heart. It's true that many cheap providers fail in one way or another, and you probably won't discover those faults until you subscribe. At Rhino Newsgroups, the reliability of our service is our main focus, and the price is simply an added benefit.

Our news servers are configured to handle even the highest volume of users without breaking a sweat. Because of the clustering technology we utilize, more users connecting to our network doesn't mean a dip in performance. In fact, each user will see the same excellent speeds and performance.

In addition to this clustering strategy, downtime is also never an issue. If one news server in our cluster crashes or is down for maintenance, others are ready to pick up the slack. To our users, this reliability is completely invisible and doesn't affect connectivity in any way.

Our news servers also boast an outstanding completion rate of 99% or better in all newsgroups. Along with our excellent retention periods for binary and text articles, a 99%+ completion rate ensures that our servers will have complete articles for as long as they are retained.

A cheap price tag doesn't have to mean unreliable service. We are confident that our service levels meet or exceed the levels of the competition, even those that charge more and claim to deliver more.

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