If you are a current customer with questions or issues, please complete our Technical Support or Billing Questions forms.


When You Signup With Rhino News
Within about an hour of completing the signup process, Rhino News will email your username and password to the address provided. Spam filters may block this email, so they may need to be temporarily disabled.

If you need a copy of your account information at any time, you can use our password utility to request it. If the password utility does not recognize your email address, then either the email address was entered with a typo, or the signup was not successful. Please contact our support team for assistance.

Basic Server Info
All newsreader clients will need the following information:

  Server Name:
  Authentication:   Required
  Username:         (exactly as it appears on welcome email)
  Password:         (username and password are case sensitive)
  Port:             119 (default, Rhino News also allows NNTP
                    connections on ports 23 and 80)

Note that if you were previously subscribed to another news server, it will be necessary to download a new list of newsgroups from our servers. Any previously downloaded headers should also be refreshed. This is usually taken care of by unsubscribing and resubscribing to the groups.

How are Rhino News Accounts Billed?
All account types renew monthly, based on your signup date, or when the account is renewed in our Member Center. We will attempt to issue an invoice to the credit card that we have on file. If this transaction fails, we will suspend the account until we receive instructions to retry the credit card, or if you provide updated payment information through our Member Center. You can also view all invoices online in the Member Center.

How Your Rhino News Account Works (Billing, Transfer Limits, etc.)
All account types renew monthly, based on your signup date, unless they are cancelled by completing the Cancellation Form in our Member Center.

Accounts will remain active throughout the month or until your download limit, if any, has been reached. If a download is in progress when the limit is reached, it will be completed and the additional bytes will be applied to the following month. If you wish, you also have the option of renewing your account right away in our Member Center. This can also be set to occur automatically any time your transfer limit is reached.

You can track your download statistics in our Members Area. The amount of data displayed will not include bytes downloaded as headers. Also remember that binary attachments are encoded, so the actual files you retrieve will not exactly match the number of bytes downloaded.

Download Speeds
Download speeds rely heavily on the speed of your connection itself, and the route between our servers and your computer. Our servers are capable of saturating any consumer broadband connection, so your primary limit should simply be the speed provided by your ISP. However, if you are geographically far from our servers, or if any hops along the route have high latency, you may see poor performance. Don't hesitate to contact our Technical Support team for help determining the issue.

What is a Connection?
A connection is also sometimes known as a 'stream'. This simply refers to your news client beginning a session with (connecting to) our servers. Allowing multiple connections at the same time allows you to browse newsgroup articles while your client downloads from a queue. Multiple connections will very effectively help you maximize your download speeds. Check the support info for your client for instructions on setting up multiple connections.

How Can I Post to a Newsgroup?
Posting is not available through Rhino News.

How Does Rhino News Protect Private Customer Information?
Rhino News does not monitor or record what newsgroups our customers use or what articles they view/download.

We respect your right to privacy. Rhino News will never release or sell any information about our customers. Any customer information will only be released by the order of a court with proper jurisdiction.